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Did You Know (DYK) Llamas Make an Alarm Call?

Raul senses a bear and makes a llama "alarm call" in the YouTube video.  What is a Llama Alarm Call? A llama may make an "alarm call" when the llama is feeling threatened or startled by something . It is a loud, high pitched rhythmic sound. Being herd animals, this call is used to alert the others in the herd when one spies a predator. In the wild, llamas travel in herds. When one of them spy a predator they make an alarm call to warn others. That is very comforting when you are hiking or camping in bear country. The llamas will warn you when a bear is around.

Chugach National Forest (CNF) is attempting to ban pack llamas

UPDATE: CNF llama ban has been rescinded.  More at -   Victory! CNF Llama Ban Rescinded Chugach National Forest (CNF) "short circuited" the NEPA process by providing no pubic notice to eliminate commercial use of pack llamas based on a perceived disease threat to wild sheep and goats. Since CNF's ban identifies pack llamas as a disease threat, this opens the door to eliminate them for all uses (including recreational) in the future. The public process was "short circuited" because CNF did not include verbiage that banned llamas in their draft Chugach National Forest Land Management Plan that was open for public comment in 2018.  However, this pack llama ban was added to the Final Chugach National Forest Land Management Plan after the public comment period was over which effectively eliminated comment by the pack llama user group . Now the pack llama user group is faced with protesting the final CNF decision during the objection period. Your comments on p

Alaska Llamas Comment/Objection to CNF's Llama Ban

The comment/objection (below) was made by Alaska Llamas (Phil) to Chugach National Forest (CNF) llama ban.  Linda's comment/objection can be viewed (along with comments/objections posted so far) in the CNF Reading Room at this link:  CNF Reading Room. Go here to see the letter of objection by Pack Animal Magazine: Editor's Letter of Objection to CNF - Pack Animal Magazine . _______________________________________________________________________________ By this comment I am providing formal notice of objection to the Final Chugach National Forest Land Management Plan (signed by Jeff E. Schramm, Forest Supervisor) during the 60 day objection period beginning approximately August 30, 2019. I strongly object to the "final" Chugach National Forest Land Management Plan (CNFLMP) restrictions/prohibitions on pack llamas because llamas do NOT pose a disease threat and should not be banned or restricted for any use within the Chugach National Forest (CNF). In the following

Attention all llama and alpaca owners, supporters and friends--

Here's an opportunity for public comment that will help the llama/alpaca industry.  The Alaska Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is proposing a draft Resource Management Plan (RMP) for future public land management actions in in a region known as the Bering Sea Western Interior (BSWI) Resource Management Area. (There are several BLM-RMA’s in Alaska and BSWI is just one of them.) The RMP for this region bans the use of camelids (llamas and alpacas) in sheep habitat due to a perceived disease threat. BLM’s proposal to restrict use of camelids (llamas and alpacas) due to a perceived "health risk" to wild sheep is unscientifically founded and unjustly stigmatizes camelids. If BLM proceeds with this proposed policy of banning camelids in Alaska based on a disease threat, it could have far reaching implications for all public lands in Alaska as well as those in the lower 48 states. It is important to note that BLM’s position on this issue is not shared by other public