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FAQ - Do Llamas Attract Bears?

Bear Busters! "Do llamas attract bears?" This is a frequently asked question (FAQ), especially during the summer months. Bears have been known to attack llamas but our experience has been that llamas don't attract bears anymore than other pets or pack stock. In fact the llama's "alarm call" may act as a good deterrent for bears. Llamas are instinctively alert and aware of their surroundings, and usually draw attention to an intruder by making a startling "alarm call" when it senses danger. A llama is usually aware of a bear long before we can see or hear it and will let off their "alarm call" when the unwanted intruder is around. Click on the YouTube link to hear our Raul llama making an alarm call -  Llama Alarm Call   However, I would not recommend leaving llamas tied out unattended while camping. In that situation llamas would not be able to defend themselves from predators such as bears or even an aggressive dog. Even in

Rabbit Lake via Upper Canyon Rd.

Why I Like This Hike: This is a quintessential Alaskan hike, family friendly and suitable for most skill levels. It's about 4.4 miles to Rabbit Lake, a large beautiful alpine lake some 3,000 feet above sea level in the shadow of 5,000-foot Suicide peaks. Once at the lake, the hiker has a number of options including hiking, camping and climbing nearby peaks. This trek is a short drive from Anchorage and can be hiked in all seasons depending on weather. Google Driving Directions:   Rabbit Lake Trailhead This hike is extremely popular during the summer so be advised that parking can be very limited at the Upper Canyon Road trailhead.   Overview: There are two main routes to  Rabbit Lake , the easier is from Upper Canyon Road off DeArmoun. The longer and steeper route starts from the McHugh Creek trailhead. You can hike to Rabbit Lake in a day (out and back) from either trailhead or as a one-way "through" hike. This post will describe the day hike from the Upper Canyon Road t

Twin Peaks Trail to Eklutna Overlook

The Hike: Twin Peaks Trail to the Eklutna Overlook  Why I like this Hike:  This well maintained trail offers spectacular views of Eklutna Lake and surrounding mountains with the potential for dall sheep viewing. It's family friendly and suitable for various skill levels depending on what hiking option you choose. Located in Chugach State Park about an hour's drive north of Anchorage, the trailhead is easily accessible with good parking. (Parking fee required.) How to Get There: Google Maps - click  Eklutna Lake Overview: Length: Twin Peaks Trail is 2.6 miles one-way, with first bench located about halfway up. Overlook of Eklutna Lake is about another .75-mile, and Pepper Peak at least one additional mile. Elevation: Twin Peaks Trail gains about 1,800 feet in elevation to the second bench. Pepper Peak is 5,450 feet elevation. The Nitty Gritty: From the day-use parking lot, cross a small footbridge, bear left onto the Twin Peaks trail and start climbing. You’ll begin getting gre