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ADF&G Response Concerning Pack Llamas in Alaska

The  Alaska Department of Fish and Game's (ADFG) June 11, 2018 letter states that ADFG "has no intentions to promote or support limiting the use of South American camelids on public land in the state of Alaska." The ADFG letter is in response to a May 3, 2018 letter by the Greater Appalachian Llama and Alpaca Association (on behalf of the North American llama industry) seeking clarification of ADFG's role regarding the recently published "Risk Assessment on the Use of South American Camelids for Back Country Trekking in British Columbia" (RA).

This is very good news in light of concerns of disease (most recently M.ovi) potentially being transmitted from domestic animals to wild animal populations. See ADFG Press Release for the latest - Alaska Caribou Death - ADF&G Press Release 

Visit for the most comprehensive information concerning llamas on public lands and a commentary by the North American llama industry. This website was developed to provide scientific information about pack llamas and perceived disease threats.