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Raul Gets a Haircut

In Alaska we only do a partial shearing of our llamas in the spring. This is because it takes about two years for the wool to completely grow back and llamas need a good coat of wool in the Alaskan winter. First we clean the llamas by using a Circuiteer blower (below) and brushing. Otherwise, the dust in the llamas' wool will dull the shears.  Notice in the YouTube video, how Phil is using a downward motion with the shears. He is also taking care to keep the shears parallel to the llama's body. Otherwise the shears could injure the llama if they were to shear too close and clip the skin.  We have used Stewart Shearmaster shears for many years which have worked well for us. 

Hike to Heritage Falls, Icicle Creek and Beyond

  View of Eagle River Above the Perch Overview:  The Historic Iditarod (aka Crow Pass) Trail which spans the Girdwood Valley to Eagle River is considered one of the  best trails to hike in the Chugach mountain range because it offers such diversity including glaciers, waterfalls and wildlife. It’s not only a quintessential hiking/backpacking route but an historic portion of the Iditarod Trail that led from Seward to mines in the Interior. It was (reportedly) rebuilt in the 1970s with girl scout labor.  This section of the Historic Iditarod Trail starts from the Eagle River Nature Center (ERNC) and makes for a versatile spring, early summer hike or overnight.  Driving directions to the ERNC :  ERNC Driving Directions Why I Like This Hike: It's a lovely all-season hike (or overnight) suitable for most skill levels. You can make this trek as easy or challenging as you want. If you want a shorter less demanding hike, just make your end point Echo Bend (mile 3), the Perch (mile 4.0), He

Baldy and Blacktail Rocks

Walking the ridgeline from Baldy to Blacktail Rocks Why I Like This Hike: This 3,218-foot mountain overs easy access from Eagle River with outstanding views. Overview:  Mt. Baldy is a popular day hike overlooking Eagle River that provides outstanding panoramic views of Eagle River Valley and across the Knik Arm. "Baldy" is appropriately named as the top is a round, bare mountaintop. Although very popular during summer months, it can be hiked other times of the year including winter, depending on snow conditions. It's also the starting point for other peaks, such as Blacktail Rocks, Roundtop, and Vista peaks. The trailhead is at the top of Skyline Drive in Eagle River. Google Driving Directions:    Mt. Baldy Trailhead The Nitty-Gritty:  The trail starts from a parking lot at the top of Skyline Drive. A radio antenna is located just a few hundred feet or so from the start of the trail. From the parking lot continue uphill to the trailhead. From here, follow a wide, well-