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Attention Travelers: Rental Car Shortage in Alaska

Just a heads up for those planning travel to Anchorage, Alaska this summer, expecting guests or clients,  be sure to check rental car availability before booking a flight.   An unexpected result of the pandemic is a serious shortage of rental cars in some cities including Anchorage. Also check hotel reservations too because staffing shortages are causing problems at hotels and restaurants. To find out more, go here: Hotels and restaurants that survived pandemic face new challenge: staffing shortages Anchorage Daily News: National Shortage of Car Rentals Affecting Alaska  

Hike More (Stress Less) with a Hiking Buddy...

We all know hiking is good for both mind and body as this article points out - Five Ways Hiking Is Good for You .  Now that Covid is winding down and summer is here, it's time to "don" your hiking boots and find a hiking buddy to hit the trails with. To get you started, here's a list of Alaska hiking groups compiled from various Facebook posts and websites. The groups range from easy family-friendly to more challenging for experienced hikers. Some welcome anyone; others are women only and are geared for various ability levels. I included website and/or Facebook links if available. If you know of others, just send me a message (or post a comment) and I will include. Anchorage Trail Walkers - Website says - We get out 2-3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays DURING THE DAY, usually at 10am. Women Who Hike Alaska - Hike Like A Woman Alaska: Typic