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Update on Pack Llamas & Public Lands in Alaska

 Here is a brief update on recent events relating to pack llamas on public lands in Alaska. 1) Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recent actions (2020-2021): The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages their land holding through Resource Management Areas (RMA's) that periodically draft new planning documents (every 15 or 20 years) called Resource Management Plans (RMP's). These RMP's act as guidance for future rule promulgation. The following RMA's in Alaska have recently proposed to restrict or prohibit pack llamas based on a perceived risk of disease transmission to wildlife. a) The Bering Sea - Western Interior RMP (BLM BSWI RMP) in early February 2021 became final. Because the llama community was actively involved during the prescribed open public comment period relating to this decision, the outcome was favorable for us. The final language in the RMP reads as follows: "To minimize the potential for disease transmission to wildlife, applications for the use of pac