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Eagle and Symphony Lakes Loop

This hike through the beautiful South Fork Valley and over the mountains into Ship Creek offers stunning views of alpine lakes (Eagle and Symphony), tarns and valleys surrounded by rugged, glaciated mountains. During September and early October (until the first snowfall) you will have the added bonus of vibrant fall colors. This trail can usually be hiked in October and well into winter depending on snow conditions.

The trail to Eagle and Symphony Lakes starts from the South Fork trailhead parking lot and is well established/marked. To take the loop back to  the SF parking lot, proceed to the west side of Symphony Lake where there are several camping spots if you decide to camp here for the night. If you decide to take the loop back, you will need good weather and navigation skills. Don't attempt this in the winter or in adverse weather, because you are hiking on ridges where visibility may be limited.

Once on the southwest side of Symphony Lake, look to the mountains directly we…