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South Fork Eagle River Trailhead Update

As of July 30, 2018 the Southfork trailhead is now open after being closed due to the fatal bear mauling in the area. There were very few cars in the parking lot when we left on Monday afternoon.  (Follow links below for more info on bear attack.)

State tests show 3 bears shot in South Fork weren’t involved in June attacks

Fish and Game still seeks bear in Eagle River Maulings

On July 30th, we headed into Ship Creek for several days.The horse/game trail in Ship Creek which you can pick up after climbing over the pass on Rendezvous Ridge is quite overgrown and difficult to follow in spots.

We did have two bears come into camp (separate encounters) so be sure to take some type of bear deterrent if hiking in this area.

For more on hiking Ship Creek, see my July 1st blog post "Hiking Upper Ship Creek, Chugach State Park."

Taking a break on the ridge above Ship Creek with a view of the mountains above the South Fork valley in the background (top). Climbing over the ridges into uppe…