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Pack Llama Ban In Alaska - From "Pack Animal" magazine

From "Pack Animal" magazine Pack Llama Ban In Alaska Is the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) the first government agency in the United States to ban the pack llama based on the premise that they are a disease risk to wildlife? Having been actively involved when other government agencies have proposed similar bans (over the last 25 years), to the best of my knowledge BLM (Alaska’s Eastern Interior Resource Management Area) is the first to do so. Now that a precedent has been set, other BLM resource management areas in Alaska with wild sheep and goat habitat will likely soon follow with pack llama prohibitions. The danger that we now face is that other government agencies will soon follow BLM’s lead in a domino effect. Could BLM lands in the lower 48 states be next? Will some other government agency in Alaska or the lower 48 be next? BLM has successfully imposed the prohibition on pack llamas i