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A Gift From Llamas - Happy New Year!

Llamas provide the most promising COVID-19 treatment yet. Yes, llamas!

On Tuesday, the world’s largest multidisciplinary scientific society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, named the recipients of its annual Golden Goose Awards. The honor recognizes scientific breakthroughs that start in unusual places—like a vial of blood from a llama named Winter, whose antibodies have proven critical in the development of new treatments for COVID-19, including the drug Bamlamivimab. Jason McLellan, namesake professor of the University of Texas at Austin lab, and Wrapp—who completed his Ph.D. defense in November—were named as Golden Goose winners for both their work with the llama antibodies and their part in mapping the coronavirus molecule that causes COVID-19. 
(Excerpt from Texas Monthly article below).)

Want to express your appreciation? Please help protect the llamas reputation as a solution to disease and not a cause of disease. Certain government agencies and special interest groups are spreading propaganda that llamas (camelids) are a disease transmission threat to wildlife. This is harming the camelid industry. Case in point, the recent (2020) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service decision to ban camelids in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The following organization (American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners) representing approximately 1,000 veterinarians says this propoganda that llamas are a disease threat to wildlife simply isn't true. 
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Please contribute ANY AMOUNT that you can to help defend llamas. All contributions go directly to the legal defense fund of GALA (Greater Appalachian Llama & Alpaca Association - the largest camelid organization in the United States). Thank you!

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How a Llama and a University of Texas Lab Led to the Most Promising COVID-19 Treatment Yet
Antibodies produced by a llama named Winter fed the development of a synthetic antibody against the COVID-19 virus.

Tim Coppens of Texas Monthly caught up with Wrapp to learn more about the role that llamas have played in developing the monoclonal antibody therapies that, so far, appear to be one of the most effective ways to prevent severe cases of COVID-19. Go here for article: