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ILR Joins Fight Against Alaska Llama Ban

The International Llama Registry (ILR) has joined with Greater Appalachian Llama and Alpaca Association (GALA) "in a legal challenge to attempt to reverse the recent ban by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service of llamas on the Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)." 

Llama owners and organizations have been successful in reversing proposed bans in several other situations beginning in 1996 by demonstrating there is no scientific evidence that llamas pose a disease risk to other species in the wild. We are hopeful that this lawsuit will reverse the decision that has been made in Alaska.

The effects of this Rule are not confined to the ANWR. This Rule also threatens the llama species and industry as a whole because it mislabels llamas as disease vectors, which will serve as the leading statement for the undesirability of llamas as carriers of disease to wildlife and domestic animals. The Rule therefore threatens the continued use of llamas as pack animals throughout the United States because scientifically unsupported llama bans will likely spread to other regions.

The ILR Board of Directors allocated a specific amount to support this lawsuit. However, if the case requires continued legal action and goes to court, additional resources will be necessary. GALA has organized a GoFundMe account to encourage contributions from llama enthusiasts throughout the continent." 

Go here for more info on the ANWR llama ban and the final rule: