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Proposed ANWR Pack Llama Ban UPDATE

*The comment period for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) proposal to eliminate the pack llama (camelid) user group as part of a proposed regulation package is now over. Thanks to everyone who took the time to make a comment objecting to the pack llama ban in ANWR! We expect a decision from USFWS sometime in July, so check back here for updates.

Another last minute development. The Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) came out of the shadows and submitted a comment/letter (at the last minute on June 8th) to USFWS supporting the pack llama ban in ANWR based on an unsubstantiated disease threat and false science. Here is the response by the llama industry ad hoc Public Lands Access Committee to these unsubstantiated claims by WSF. It's a must read!

View entire comment at link below:
The comments from Hurley, representing WSF ‘s position, demonstrate WSF’s irrational pursuit of a ban of llamas based on disease transmission to wild sheep. Their pursuit is based on their determination to control the wild sheep industry and the lands they inhabit and not on any demonstrated or real threat to wild sheep populations posed by llamas. The sheep are a public wildlife asset and the lands they occupy are public as well. By limiting pack llamas, they hope to reduce competition for limited sheep tags by eliminating private hunters using pack llama support thus increasing the chances for clients of WSF hunter/guide members selling expensive guided hunts. They are attempting to appropriate public assets and public lands to support their private interests at the expense of private hunters and recreationalists of all types historically using these very lands for the purposes for which they were set aside.

WSF tactics, demonstrated by Hurley’s comments, demonstrate a propensity for bullying borne of unchecked access. This access has been paid for through distributing a lot of money, much of which comes from the auctions of special hunt sheep tags (public assets). WSF has developed an arrogance that they can dictate and create science that underwrites their appetite for dominance of the wild sheep industry. This becomes readily apparent when WSF manufactures junk science like the CCH and based on false information, expects to advance their interests unchecked. As this becomes apparent to more of the public and they realize there is a movement afoot to limit their access and associated livelihood and enjoyment, there will be appropriate reaction and the llama packing community will be at the front of the effort.

Here is the response by the llama industry ad hoc Public Lands Access Committee to these unsubstantiated claims by WSF. It's a must read!
Llama industry ad hoc Public Lands Access Committee's response to the WSF letter-

Click on the link below to view the letter from the Wild Sheep Foundation.
WSF Letter

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