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Hike #4 (April) - Less Traveled Way to Raven Creek

This is a pleasant spring or early summer hike which can be done in April, May and early June depending on weather and trail conditions. The trail from the Eagle River Nature Center (ERNC) to Heritage Falls can usually be hiked all times of the year including winter. However, this hike to the head of the Eagle River valley is best done spring or early summer due to the river crossing.
This hike along the Historic Iditarod Trail starts from the ERNC parking lot and is about 9.5 miles (according to my GPS) to the confluence of Raven Creek and the north fork of the Eagle River where there is good camping on the river bar. The Eagle River was exceptionally low this year, so we could still easily make the river crossing in late May.

From the ERNC, the first section of trail meanders through the woods. At about mile 1.2 the hiker gets a first glimpse of the Eagle River below the "Rapids Camp." (There is a short trail down to the river opposite the Rapids Camp and also an establ…