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Eagle River Iditarod Trail Sports Vibrant Fall Color

If you like spectacular fall colors, take a hike from the Eagle River Visitor Center to Heritage Falls (Mile 5) on the (Historic) Iditarod Trail. This trail also known as the Crow Pass Trail goes 23 miles to Girdwood. (See links below for more information on the entire trail.) Parts of the trail just after the "Perch" (Mile 4) have eroded into the river. (See photo below right.)  To circumvent this trail erosion, take the new trail which climbs from the Perch and continues high. You'll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Eagle River and vibrant fall color draping the valley below! But don't wait too long as "old man" winter may be right around the corner.

               Eroded trail along Eagle River past the Perch .(above)    

Llamas hiking along the Eagle River between Echo Bend (Mile 3) and the Perch (Mile 4).

For more information on the historic Iditarod hiking trail, go to the links below.